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    Barnes Projectiles

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    In 1932, Fred Barnes began selling bullets made in his Bayfield, Colorado basement workshop. Over the next 40 years, the company gained a solid reputation by offering premium bullets to hunters who “rolled their own.” The Barnes Original became known as the top choice for African game.

    Randy & Coni Brooks infused young blood and new life into the company when they purchased Barnes in 1974. Product performance, innovation and passion forged their dreams for the business into reality.

    Weight .8 kg

    20(.204) 26gr FRAN VAR-GRENADE 100/bx, 22(.224) 62gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 22(.224) 36gr FRAN VAR-GRENADE 100/bx, 22(.224) 50gr FRAN VAR-GRENADE 100/bx, 22(.224) 55gr TTSX TIPPED-BT 50/bx, 270(.277)130gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 270(.277)140gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 30(.308) 110gr TAC TX 300 AAC 50/bx, 30(.308) 130gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 30(.308)150gr TTSX TIPPED-BT 50/bx, 30(.308)165gr TTSX TIPPED-BT 50/bx, 30(.308)168gr TTSX TIPPED-BT 50/bx, 6.5(.264)120g TTSX BULLET TIPPED-BT 50/bx, 6.5(.264)120gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 6MM(.243) 85gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 6MM(.243)58gr HPFB VARMINATOR 100/bx, 6MM(.243)62gr FRAN VAR-GRENADE 100/bx, 7MM(.284)110g TTSX TIPPED-FB 50/bx, 7MM(.284)120gr TSX BOAT-TAIL 50/bx, 7MM(.284)140g TTSX TIPPED-BT 50/bx, 7MM(.284)168gr LRX LONG-RANGE BT 50/b, 30(.308) 130gr TTSX TIPPED-BT, 6.5MM(.264)120gr TAC-TX BT, 6.5MM(.264)127gr LRX LONG-RANGE BT 50/bx, 7MM (.284) 120gr TTSX, 270cal .277 110gr TTSX 50bx, 7MM (.284) 139gr LRX LONG-RANGE BT 50/bx, 270cal(.277)130gr TTSX 50bx, 30(.308) 120gr TAC-TX

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