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    Blaser QD Saddle Mount


    This system is thus by far the most versatile mounting system on the market. Additional advantages that it offers are:

    • Very low mounting height of scopes with rails.
    • 100% repeatability when detached and reattached,
    • small size and weight,
    • easy detaching and reattaching the scope to a rifle.

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    The Blaser Saddle Mount revolutionized the connection of rifle and rifle scope. Once zeroed, the scope can be removed and returned with minimum effort and remains zeroed. Without any problem different rifle scopes can be mounted on one barrel.
    Four inconspicuous notches on the barrel, situated at the level of the chamber, hold the one-piece base tension-free. This allows the barrel to float completeley free. No further adjustments on the rifle are necessary and there is no annoying mount swivel.

    Every Blaser hunting rifle is prepared for the Saddle Mount.

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