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    Blaser R8 Professional


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    The Blaser R8 represents the most dynamic change to the bolt action rifle in the last 20 years. Unlike rotary bolts, the unique design of the straight pull action offers speed and versatility unmatched in conventional rifles. By locking the bolt directly to the barrel, which is cold hammer forged for unequaled accuracy, the overall length of the Blaser R8 is a full 3โ€ shorter than traditional rifles. This shortened length gives the R8 its ideal balance and weight distribution. Additionally, this method of locking enables the interchangeable caliber system to work. By simply changing the barrel and locking head you can select between calibers ranging from 222 Remington to 500 Jeffery.

    The key between shooter and rifle is the trigger; with the first of its kind the removable fire control system the Blaser R8 raises the bar yet again. This system combines a detachable box magazine and trigger assembly into a single unit which breaks like glass at 900 grams. This unit can be locked in place for those who do not prefer a detachable magazine. Recoil control is paramount for the R8. The parallel comb stock offers just the right cast to make shooting the large calibers enjoyable and the Bavarian style cheek piece provides ample surface for a proper cheek weld. All Blaser products are available for right and left hand shooters and are backed by Blaserโ€™s 10 year warranty.

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