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    Federal Premium Bullets

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    The Federal Range of High-Performance Projectiles


    The first true all-range hunting projectile is now available as a component bullet. Edge TLR™ uses the Slipstream™ polymer tip to initiate expansion at extreme distances, while the copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for consistent, lethal penetration at close range.


    Handloaders can now roll their own with the bullet design that changed hunting ammunition forever. Fusion® component bullets provide the largest expansion and highest weight retention in their class. With a molecularly fused jacket and a pressure-formed core, Fusion transfers maximum energy on target and provides tag-filling accuracy.

    Trophy Bonded Tip

    Federal Premium® now offers the legendary Trophy Bonded® Tip as a component bullet. The proven design stands apart from all other big game bullets, combining bonded construction, a bone-crushing solid copper shank, boat-tail design and a high-performance polymer tip that tightens groups at long range.


    270cal (.277) 130gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 50bx, 270cal (.277) 140gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 50bx, 7mm (.284) 140gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 50bx, 7mm (.284) 160gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 50bx, 30cal (.308) 165gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 50bx, 30cal (.308) 180gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 50bx, 30CAL (.308) 200GR EDGE TLR 50bx, 30 CAL (.308) 175GR EDGE TLR 50bx, 30CAL (.308) 150GR FUSION 50bx, 30CAL (.308) 180GR FUSION 50bx, 7MM (.284) 140GR FUSION 100bx, 7MM (.284) 160GR FUSION 100bx, 270CAL (.277) 130GR FUSION 100bx, 270CAL (.277) 150GR FUSION 100bx, 7MM (.284) 155GR EDGE TLR 50bx, 270CAL (.277) 136GR EDGE TLR, 30CAL (.308) 175GR TERMINAL ASCENT, 6.5MM (.264) 140gr FUSION 100bx

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