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    Hornady L-N-L Impact Bullet Puller


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    Remove bullets from rifle and pistol cartridges without causing damage while capturing the bullet and powder for reuse.

    • Removes bullets from cartridges without causing damage
    • Captures the bullet and powder for reuse
    • Effective on most rifle or pistol cartridges up to .45 caliber

    How it works:

    1. Insert the correct collet in the plastic cap so the flat side of the collet fits with the handle side of the bullet puller.
    2. Screw the cap onto the handle.
    3. Loosen the cap a few turns and insert a cartridge — bullet first. Push the cartridge in until extractor groove or rim are engaged.
    4. Tighten the cap.
    5. Tap on hard surface until bullet is removed.

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