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    Hornady Projectiles

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    Accurate. Deadly. Dependable.® Hornady Projectiles

    Hornady Projectiles

    EXCELLENCE: Hornady has been an industry leader in bullet design and innovation since 1949. “Ten Bullets Through One Hole” was the philosophy adopted by the company’s founder, Mr. Joyce Hornady, and continues right through today. Consistent quality, accuracy and performance are, and always will be the hallmarks of all Hornady products.

    QUALITY CONTROL: We oversee each aspect of production to insure that every bullet meets our stringent quality assurance criteria. With our own high-tech underground test facility, complete with top-of-the-line test equipment, we constantly test everything we make. We’re obsessed with providing the best performance from every single bullet we design.

    VARIETY: Hornady Projectiles impressive product line includes over 300 bullets, ranging from 17 caliber all the way up to the spectacular 50 caliber AMAX bullet for the 50 BMG. We are always working to originate the next technological innovation and we thoroughly enjoy what we do. From prairie dogs to dangerous game, we have the perfect bullet to meet every hunting and shooting need.

    Weight .8 kg

    22c(.224) 50gr SP SpirePt, 22c(.224) 52gr A-MAX 100/BX, 22c(.224) 52gr BTHP MATCH, 22c(.224) 53gr V-MAX 100/BX, 25c(.257) 117gr SST SuperShok, 25c(.257) 75gr V-MAX 100/BX, 303/7.7MM(.312) 150gr SpirePt, 30c(.308) 125gr SST SuperShok, 30c(.308) 150gr SST SuperShok, 30c(.308) 165gr IB InterBond, 30c(.308) 180gr SST SuperShok, 30c(.308) 200gr ELD X, 30c(.308) 208gr ELD MATCH, 30c(.308) 168gr A-MAX, 6.5MM(.264) 100gr A-MAX, 6.5MM(.264) 120gr A-MAX, 6.5MM(.264) 123gr SST, 6.5MM(.264) 140gr ELD MATCH, 6.5MM(.264) 95gr V-MAX, 6MM(.243) 58gr V-MAX, 6MM(.243) 75gr V-MAX, 6MM(.243) 87gr V-MAX, 6MM(.243) 95gr SST SuperShok, 6MM(.243) 105gr A-MAX, 7MM(.284) 154gr SST SuperShok, 7MM(.284) 162gr ELD MATCH, 7MM (.284) 162gr SST SuperShok, 7MM(.284) 175gr ELD X, 7.62X39(.310) 123gr FMJ 200/BX, HORNADY 30c (.308) 110gr V-MAX 100/BX, 30c(.308) 212gr ELD-X, 7MM(.284) 162gr ELD-X, 6.5MM(.264) 143gr ELD-X, 22c(.224) 62gr FMJ 250/BX, 6.5MM(.264) 123gr ELD MATCH, 7MM(.284) 150gr ELD X, 22C(.224) 75gr ELD MATCH, 30c(.308) 178gr ELD MATCH, 30c(.308) 178gr ELD X, 30c(.308) 168gr ELD MATCH, 6.5MM(.264) 147gr ELD MATCH, 270cal(.277) 130gr SST, 270CAL(.277) 140GR SST, 6.5MM(.264) 129gr SST, 270cal(.277) 145gr ELD X, 6MM(.243) 103gr ELD-X, 30c(.308) 165gr SST, 7MM 180gr ELD MATCH, 30c(.308) 168gr ELD MATCH, 22c(.224) 75gr ELD MATCH, 22c(.224) 73gr ELD MATCH, 22c(.224) 55gr V-MAX, 22c(.224) 53gr V-MAX, 22c(.224) 40gr V-MAX 100bx, 30cal(.308) 190gr SUB X 100Bx, 7mm(.284) 139gr SST, 7mm 166gr A-TIP Match 100Bx, 6mm(.243) 90gr ELD-X, 22c(.224) 50gr V-MAX

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