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    Lapua, or more officially Nammo Lapua Oy and Nammo Schönebeck, is part of the large Nordic Nammo Group. Our main products are small caliber cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. The Lapua cartridge factory was established in 1923. From a modest and practical beginning, Lapua has grown into one of the most respected brands in the industry. The best shooters in the world choose Lapua cartridges.

    Good listeners – even with hearing protection on.

    Naturally, Lapua´s world famous quality comes partly from decades of experience, infallible raw material and a well-managed manufacturing process. Despite the automation in production and quality assurance, our staff personally inspects every lot and, if necessary, even each individual cartridge.

    The most important thing is, however, listening to the shooters. This comes second nature to Lapua. Every inquiry is taken seriously and analyzed thoroughly, even with test shooting, if necessary. Close interaction with the shooters ensures that the feedback is understood correctly. This enables the shooters worldwide to get exactly the quality they want – step by step towards something even better.

    Matching components.

    The top quality and accuracy that are characteristic to all Lapua cartridges is achieved with precise combining of the components. Reliable and timely ignition, optimal muzzle velocity and excellent ballistic properties are the result of well designed and carefully manufactured components. A cartridge can be perfect when all components match together perfectly. The reloaders using Lapua components know this.

    Certified quality.

    Naturally, our high quality is also certified: Nammo Lapua Oy´s quality system conforms with both ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110. We have also been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental system certificate.

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    .222 55Gr FMJ S382, .222 51Gr SP E369, .222 51Gr Cutting Edge G494, .224 55Gr SP E539, .224 77Gr OTM Scenar GB527, .224 69Gr OTM Scenar-L GB544, .243 100Gr SP E497, .243 90Gr FMJ S342, 6mm 105Gr OTM Scenar-L GB542, 6mm 105Gr Scenar GB478, 6mm 105Gr Scenar GB478 Coated, 6mm 77Gr HP G490, 6mm 90Gr HPBT Scenar GB493, 6.5mm 139Gr OTM Scenar GB458, 6.5mm 144Gr FMJBT B343, 6.5mm 155Gr SP Mega E471, 6.5mm 100Gr HP GB504, 6.5mm 108Gr HPBT Scenar GB464, 6.5mm 108Gr HPBT Scenar Coated GB464, 6.5mm 100Gr FMJ S341, 6.5mm 136Gr OTM Scenar-L GB546, 6.5mm 123Gr HPBT Scenar GB489, 6.5mm 123Gr HPBT Scenar Coated GB489, .308 150Gr Mega E469, .308 100Gr HPCE Cutting Edge G477, .308 185Gr SP Mega E415, .308 185Gr OTM Scenar GB432, .308 185Gr FMJBT D46, .308 200Gr SP Mega E401, .308 150Gr FMJBT Lockbase B466, .309/7.62×39 123Gr FMJ S374, .310/7.62×39 123Gr FMJ S405, .311 125Gr Mega E468, .338 300Gr HPBT Scenar GB528, .338 250Gr OTM Scenar GB488, .30 167Gr OTM Scenar GB422, 7.62 170Gr FMJBT Lockbase B476, .30 155Gr OTM Scenar-L GB552, .30 200Gr FMJBT Subsonic B416, .30/7.62 155Gr OTM Scenar GB491, .30/7.62 155Gr CHPBT Scenar GB491, 9.3mm 285Gr SP Mega E433, .50 BMG Match 750Gr Coated, .50 BMG Match 800Gr Non Coated, 7mm 180Gr OTM Scenar-L GB554, .30 155Gr OTM Scenar GB491

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