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    Norma has traditionally worked together with successful marksmen. We have created opportunities and developed ammunition with the aim of pushing the sport to the outer limits of human capability.

    We have had plenty of success over the years, which we are proud of, but we are not resting on our laurels.

    Strict monitoring of every step in the production process and careful balancing of charge and bullet weight yields optimal uniformity in muzzle velocity and provides maximum accuracy.

    We continue to be inspired and with a combination of talent, creative thinking and technological innovations, more champions will be made.

    Weight .8 kg

    Norma Bullet .224 50gr SP, Norma Bullet .224 53gr SP, Norma Bullet .224 55gr Oryx, Norma Bullet .224 62gr SP, Norma Bullet .270 150g Oryx, Norma Bullet .270 156gr Vulcan, Norma Bullet .30 cal 165gr Ory, Norma Bullet .30 cal 180g Oryx, Norma Bullet .30 cal 180gr Vul, Norma Bullet .30 cal 200gr Ory, Norma Bullet .358 cal 250gr Or, Norma Bullet 375 300gr Oryx, Norma Bullet 6.5 130gr HP (500, Norma Bullet 6.5mm 156gr Oryx, Norma Bullet 6.5 156gr Vulkan, Norma Bullet .243 100gr Oryx, Norma Bullet .243 Win 100gr SP, Norma Bullet 7mm (.284") 156g, Norma Bullet 7mm 170gr Oryx, Norma Bullet 7mm 170gr Vulkan, 8mm 123gr FMJ, Norma Bullet 8mm 196gr Oryx, Norma Bullet 9.3mm 232gr Oryx, Norma Bullet 9.3mm 285gr Oryx

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