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    Real Avid Bore Boss Self-Contained Pull-Through Bore Cleaner

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    • Flex-case handle doubles as clean storage for cable
    • Dual action cable
    • Phosphor bronze bore brush

    A single pass cleaning solution for handguns, rifles and shotguns. Obliterates carbon and fouling with dual-action cable which first loosens carbon and fouling with the phosphor bronze bore brush and then removes it from the bore with the braided bore mop. The flex-case handle has ergonomic grip to help you comfortably pull the tight fitting, dual-action cable through the bore. The unique flex-case handle stores and protects the brush and mop from damage and debris and keeps oil and solvent from getting on your other gear. Durable, compact and portable, the Bore Boss is made to be used whenever and where you need it.

    BoreBoss Pull-Through

    .30/.308/7.62mm, .270/.280/7mm, .243/.260/6.5mm

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