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    Redding Die Sets

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    Redding Die Sets

    The Redding Die Sets come in series A, B, C or D and include a full-length resizing die and seating die, both with lock rings. Also includes hex wrench and spare decapping pin. These die sets will work with any press that uses 7/8 x 14 threads.
    Redding Neck Sizing Dies only size the neck of your cases for prolonged brass life and increased accuracy.
    When you use the Competition Bullet Seating Dies, the cartridge case and bullet are fully supported and aligned in a precision-ground sleeve before seating for enhanced accuracy and precision alignment.
    Redding Shell Holders are available separately in many popular calibers.


    308 Winchester Full Length Die Set, 6.5 Creedmoor Full Length Die Set, 6.5 PRC Full Length Die Set, 300 Win Mag Full Length Die Set, 7mm Rem Mag Full Length Die Set, 300WSM Full Length Die Set, 300 PRC Full Length Die Set

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