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    Redding VLD Bullet Seating Micrometer

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    Redding VLD Bullet Seating Micrometer

    Now you can easily covert your conventional seating die to a precision micrometer seating die for use with VLD bullets for precise, repeatable bullet seating depths to within 1/1000th of an inch and potential world-record accuracy. Designed for all seating dies that use a seat plug with ½-20 threads. Easily changes from one die to another, just match the number on your current seating plug to the corresponding bullet seating micrometer number.

    Redding Competition Seating Dies deliver the precision and accuracy preferred by the most discriminating handloaders.

    VLD Bullet Seating Micrometer

    #7 (used for .243cal – 7mm), #20 (used for .30cal – .338cal)

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