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    The RWS primer

    It is the smallest, most unimpressive component of the total system of weapon and ammunition – the primer. Nevertheless, it deserves our very special attention because nothing works without the primer.

    It might have already happened to the one or the other in the hunting district or at the shooting range: The loudest noise in the world is a “click” when it actually should have been a “boom”. The reasons for such a more than annoying failure in the desired release of a shot are multifold. But nowadays it is very unlikely that it could have been the fault of a defective primer, or at least when it is of RWS manufacture. Since the Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff AG (RWS) did real pioneering work, which set standards worldwide and has been copied multifold, with the mercury-free Sinoxid primer that was patented in 1928.

    The Sinoxid technology is based on the substances lead styphnate and tetracene. Lead styphnate is very storable and has excellent igniting effectiveness. The mixing in of tetracene again regulates the sensitiveness of the primer. With this, you obtain a priming compound, which distinguishes itself in high functional reliability and great safety in the handling. The shot is released with absolute reliability. In the period that followed, the progress in the primer technology was expedited as with no other company.


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