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    Sierra Projectiles

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    For over 70 years, Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world. This commitment to performance has established a “Tradition of Precision” for which we’re known throughout the world.

    Over the years, much has changed in the industry and in the marketplace. What hasn’t changed has been our focus on bullets. Hunting and target bullets for rifles and handguns are the only products we make, and we work hard to make them better than anyone else.

    If you consider the large number of serious marksmen and hunters who use nothing but Sierra and their many accuracy records, we believe we accomplish our objective of a better bullet.

    Weight .8 kg

    20cal 32gr Blitz King, 22cal 40gr Hornet .223, 22cal 45gr Hornet .223, 22cal 40gr Hornet .224, 22cal 45gr Hornet .224, 22cal 45gr SPT, 22cal 50gr SMP, 22cal 50gr SPT, 22cal 50gr Blitz, 22cal 55gr BlitzKing, 22cal 55gr SMP, 22cal 55gr SPT, 22cal 55gr SBT Gameking, 22cal 63gr SMP, 22cal 60gr HP, 22cal 69gr HPBT Match, 22cal 40gr HP, 22cal 55gr HPBT, 22cal 40gr BlitzKing, 22cal 50gr BlitzKing (100), 22cal 55gr BlitzKing, 6mm 60gr HP Varminter (100), 6mm 55gr BlitzKing (100), 6mm 70gr HPBT Match, 6mm 70gr BlitzKing (100), 6mm 75gr HP Varminter (100), 6mm 80gr SBT Blitz (100), 6mm 85gr SPT Varminter (100), 6mm 85gr HPBT, 6mm 90gr FMJBT, 6mm 95gr HPBT, 6mm 100gr SPT ProHunter (100), 6mm 100gr SBT Gameking, 6mm 107gr HPBT Match, 25cal 75gr HP Varminter (100), 25cal 70gr BlitzKing (100), 25cal 87gr SPT Varminter (100), 25cal 90gr HPBT, 25cal 90gr BlitzKing (100), 25cal 100gr SPT, 25cal 100gr SBT GameKing (100), 25cal 117gr SBT, 25cal 117gr SPT, 25cal 120gr HPBT, 6.5mm 85gr HP, 6.5mm 100gr HP, 6.5mm 107gr HPBT Match, 6.5mm 120gr SPT, 6.5mm 123 gr HPBT MatchKing, 6.5mm 130gr HPBT GameKing, 6.5mm 140gr SBT, 6.5mm 142gr HPBT Match, 270cal 90gr HP, 270cal 110gr SPT, 270cal 115gr HPBT Match, 270cal 130gr SBT Gameking, 270cal 130gr SPT Prohunter, 270cal 135gr HPBT Match, 270cal 140gr HPBT, 270cal 150gr SBT, 270cal 140gr SBT, 7mm 100gr HP, 7mm 120gr SPT, 7mm 130gr HPBT Match, 7mm 140gr SBT GameKing, 7mm 140gr SPT Prohunter (100), 7mm 140gr HPBT GameKing, 7mm 150gr Gameking, 7mm 160gr SBT Gameking, 7mm 175gr SBTGameKing (100), 7mm 175gr HPBT Match, 7mm 180gr HPBT Match, 7mm 180gr HPBT BGB, 7mm 183gr MatchKing (100), 30-30cal 150gr FN, 30-30cal 170gr FN, 30-30cal 125gr HP-FN, 30cal 110gr RN, 30cal 110gr FMJ, 30cal 150gr FMJBT (100), 30cal 125gr SPT, 30cal 125gr HP Match, 30cal 135gr HPBT, 30cal 135gr HP Varminter (100), 30cal 150gr SBT, 30cal 150gr SPT, 30cal 150gr RN, 30cal 165gr HPBT Gameking, 30cal 165gr SBT Gameking, 30cal 180gr SPT, 30cal 155gr HPBTMatchKing, 30cal 155gr HPBT Palma MK2, 30cal 180gr Pro Hunter SPT, 30cal 200gr SBT GameKing (100), 30cal 180gr RN, 30cal 190gr HPBT Match, 30cal 200gr HPBT Match, 30cal 220gr HPBT Match, 30cal 175gr HPBT Match, 303cal 150gr SPT, 303cal 125gr SPT, 303cal 180gr SPT, 303cal 174gr HPBT Match, 8mm 150gr SPT, 8mm 175gr SPT Pro-Hunter (100), 8mm 200gr HPBT, 8mm 220gr SBT (50), 338cal 250gr SBT (50), 338cal 215gr SBT GameKing (50), 338cal 225gr Pro-Hunter (50), 338cal 250gr HPBT Match (50), 35cal 200gr RN ProHunter (50), 35cal 225gr SBT GameKing (50), 375cal 250gr SBT GameKing (50), 375cal 300gr SBT GameKing (50), 22cal 69gr TMK (100), 22cal 77gr TMK (100), 6mm 95gr TMK (100), 6.5mm 130gr TMK (100), 7mm 160gr TMK (100), 30cal 125gr TMK (100), 30cal 155gr TMK (100), 30cal 168gr TMK (100), 32 Mag 90gr JHC, 9mm 115gr JHP, 9mm 125gr FMJ, 9mm 125 gr Power Jacket JHP, 38 Super 150gr FPJ, 38cal 110gr JHC Blitz, 38cal 125 gr. JSP, 38cal 140gr JHC, 38cal 158gr JSP, 38cal 170gr FMJ Match, 44 Mag 180gr JHC (100), 44cal 220gr FPJ Match, 44 Mag 240gr JHC (100), 44 Mag 210gr JHC (100), 44 Mag 300gr JSP (50), 45cal 230gr FMJ Match, 45cal 300gr HP-FN (50), 30cal 210gr HPBT, 30cal 240gr HPBT Match (500), 224cal 90gr MatchKing (500/pk), 338cal 300gr HPBT Match (500), .338 Cal 300gr HPBT Match(50), 375cal 350gr HPBTMatch 500, 22cal 77gr HPBT Match (500), 22 Cal 77gr HPBT Match (50), 22cal(.224) 65gr SBT GameKing, 7mm 168gr HPBT Match, 7mm 197gr HPBT Match, 6.5mm 140gr HPBT Match, 6.5mm 150gr HPBT Match, 22cal 77gr HPBT-Match, 22cal 77gr HPBT Cannelure, 6mm 90gr GameChanger 50/bx, 6mm 90gr GameChanger 100/bx, 6.5mm 130gr GameChanger 50/bx, 6.5mm 130gr GameChanger 100/bx, 7mm 165gr GameChanger 50/bx, 7mm 165gr GameChanger 100/bx, 30cal 165gr Gamechanger 50/bx, 30cal 165gr GameChanger 100/bx, .270cal 140gr GameChanger 100/bx, 25cal 87gr SPT Varminter 100/bx, 30cal 125gr TGK GameChanger, 6mm (.243) 100gr TGK GameChanger, 30cal 180gr TGK GameChanger, 7mm 150gr TGK GameChanger, 6.5mm 140gr TGK Gamechanger 100bx

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